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  • From Humiliation to Wholeness

    Then just recently I had a couple of experiences with other people that were, let’s say, challenging. The sort of experiences where one can feel humiliation, defensiveness, anger, sadness.

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  • The Sound of Music

    The Sound of Music

    Today I got to thinking about the things we do to help people in their lives, and how what helps someone is so much more than what one individual does. It’s the sum of a whole range of lives and experiences that have taken place over years and years.

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  • The Times they are a Changin'....

    I wonder what life is like for you, right now? For me, it’s turbulent. There is inner and outer disturbance. I see it in my own life, the life of my friends, the life of the wider community in which I live, and the planet we inhabit.

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    The real challenge, it seems to and for me, is to see oneself in it all. To be able to find love, compassion, fear and hate all within me. And to take care of it all.

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  • St Thegonnec and the Wolf

    St Thegonnec and the Wolf

    I love the idea here, that rather than retaliate when adversity and challenges appear, we use those very challenges to our advantage.

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  • Coming to Wholeness

    Coming to Wholeness

    Coming to Wholeness….This work is transformative, and is open to anyone.

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  • Beyond Dependence....

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  • 'Pulled' to France....

    'Pulled' to France....

    Have you ever had that experience where you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you had to go somewhere or do something?

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  • Quay Changes

    Quay Changes

    Gorgeous sunny blue-skyed day today. And by half past four I had finished my work, and the temptation to go out to play was stronger than the need to wash the pile of dishes in the sink.

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