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Workshop: Winging it....

by Julia MacDonald

Workshop: Winging it....

If you know me at all, you will know that one of the things that has been exciting me most for the past 18 months, is Connirae Andreas’s new Wholeness work. It brings together two major strands of my own journey: NLP and Spirituality.

I’ve been working with Wholeness myself, studying it, using it with clients and generally enthusing about it!

And I’d really been looking forward to running what I believe to be the first 2-day Wholeness Foundation Workshop in Cornwall UK, last weekend.

I’d pretty much cleared my diary the week before the workshop, so I could really immerse myself in it, and be as well-prepared as I could. That’s my preferred way of working. Plan. Prepare. Perform.

However. Sometimes life happens. And it happened the week before the workshop. It happened quite spectacularly, with a series of family dramas, which resulted in me being able to do, let’s say, about 3 hours max of preparation. AAARGH!!

So having been effectively catapulted out of my comfort zone, I decided to relax into it. I know the material because I’ve been working with it myself. I’ve run countless workshops before. So. I would just have to exercise my Trust Muscle. And practice a bit more Wholeness!!

It worked beautifully. At the end of the first day, I felt so relaxed and chilled. The Wholeness work has a way of enabling relaxation at such a profound level. The second day was more intense, as Wholeness can handle quite big stuff. And the participants were up for doing some big work.

As always, my own learning from running workshops, is at least as much as the people who come along. And one of my learnings from this one is that, if I need to, I can run a 2-day workshop with only a small amount of prep.

And if you haven’t yet found out about Wholeness you can do so by clicking here. It’s creator, Connirae Andreas is coming to London for a rare visit to UK to share it. I’ll be there. Maybe I’ll see you there too.

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