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Post EU Referendum Blues...

by Julia MacDonald

What are we to make of it all, I wonder? In a few weeks we have seen the murder of an MP who seemed truly dedicated to bringing more love and happiness in the world, and varying degrees of unpleasantness on both sides of the debate.

We have a result which heralds a period of uncertainty and will change the political and structural functioning of the UK for decades to come.

For many of us there might be feelings of grief, anxiety, anger and despair. Others of us might feel jubilation, relief, hope and excitement.

As I process my own post-referendum feelings, and I confess I am still in process with this, I’ve been pondering two things:

How can I be with all of this? What do I need to do now?

For the first one, I know that my goal is reconciliation, forgiveness, and peace. That’s where I’m heading. And I’m conscious that whilst at times I feel I can do that, there are other times when I fall back into a hole. Knowing where I’m travelling, helps to get me back on track. I’m heading to peace. En-route to that I might need to allow myself to fully feel anger, not rush through that, and to grieve for what feels like a loss. Again, recognising where I’m at, what I’m feeling, allowing myself to fully feel it, without indulging it, or projecting it on to someone else, helps me to move through it to my goal.

For the second, I’m taking some time to reflect on this. What is my job, or what am I being called to do or not do at this particular juncture in our collective life? Again, allowing myself to sit with the question and not rushing into the answer seems important. Right now I feel my task is to re-double my efforts to bring peace and be peace, both individually within myself and my own relationships, and the individuals with whom I work, and collectively and societally. I have some ideas of how this might work out, but it’s still in process.

For all of us, the more we can be a calm presence in the world, the more we will influence calm in those around us. And calm people make wiser decisions.

I wonder how you are right now, as you read this, and what your own process is? Do drop me an e-mail and let me know if that feels appropriate.

Let’s keep going with our own journeys….one step at a time…one life at a time, we can bring greater peace into this world in which we live.

I send you love, peace and calm at this time.

Julia x

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