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Advent: Let Me Count The Joys

by Julia MacDonald

Advent: Let Me Count The Joys

2016: what a year! And as we travel towards its end, we pass through the season of Advent.

I love this time in the Christian calendar when we focus on preparing for the arrival of the Christ, Light of The World.

And even if you have a different faith path, or way of understanding the world, most people can resonate with the sense of anticipation for a hopeful, positive event in the future. Travelling with hopeful anticipation is important for all of us.

So this Advent, as well as lighting my Advent candle each day, I’m also doing something else. Partly for myself, and partly to contribute to the collective reminder that Joy and Hope are alive, I’m going to post one Joy each day.

It’s the first Sunday of Advent today, and I’ve just returned from the early morning communion service at Truro Methodist Church, a time of peace, hope and joy, and this is my first Advent Joy. I’m grateful for this place which is a spiritual home for me in Cornwall, and the family that comprise it.

So I’ve posted this first joy on Facebook.

Will you join me? Post one thing each Advent day that brings you Joy, or for which you’re grateful. Even in the most challenging times, and perhaps especially in the most challenging times, remembering hope and joy is something we can do.

Bringing Hope and Joy into our lives in 2016.

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