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Gifts from Iona...

by Julia MacDonald

Gifts from Iona...

Learning and Growing

I spent the last week on the island of Iona. If you haven’t yet been, put it on your bucket list! So much beauty, peace and majesty.

There were the obvious gift of the landscape, the colours, the experience of singing in the Abbey, and the smaller Oran’s Chapel. Along with the Pilgrimage around the Island, the village Ceilidh, a chance meeting with an old friend and a quiet coffee in the comfy armchairs of St Columba’s Hotel.

But there were less obvious gifts too, that didn’t appear as gifts, and most of these came through relating with people. I stayed in the Abbey, living in community with the others who had come to live in the Abbey that week, the volunteer team and the staff. Being in a place, by myself, is easy. I’m used to being alone. It’s familiar. Living in close quarters with others. Well, that’s more challenging for me.

It reminded me of the period just after I became well. Once I’d discovered how to be well, I thought it was really easy to be well and healthy, and I couldn’t understand why it had seemed so difficult before. And then I went back to work. And to interacting with others. And that’s when I realised where the challenge lay.

A wise person once said to me: Julia, it’s ALL about relationship. And they are right. Relationship is where we find our biggest challenges. They can show us our own vulnerabilities, patterns, strengths, weakness, triggers. It’s where we find out who we are in relationship to the world.

And it got me thinking: how can we grow from all our experiences whether we class them as joys or not? And for me, it’s by looking for the GIFT and the LEARNING. It’s easy to see the gift in the landscape of Iona. And seemingly less easy to find the gift in a challenging relationship. But it’s there too. It lights up my own edges, and helps me see things about myself that I haven’t yet seen, and gifts me the opportunity to change.

And the Learning? One of the NLP suppositions is: The Map Is Not The Territory. We all have working model maps of the world. They’re not reality, though we act as if they are. And Life can give us situations that show up the gap between our map and reality. At the moment I’m in the process of redrawing my map to more accurately reflect the territory.

So I don’t want to minimise the challenges that I know many of you are facing, but to encourage you to pause and ask: what’s the gift in this situation? What is the learning for me?

Coming Up…..

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So….onwards, downwards, sideways and upwards!

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