Julia MacDonald
Teacher, Coach, Celebrant

Religion and Politics

by Julia MacDonald

I’ve been wary of talking about my Christian beliefs and practice during the UK General Election, but reading this extract from Godfrey Birtill brought the two together for me this morning.

When I stop at the cross I can see the love of God.>

But I can’t see competition. I can’t see hierarchy. I can’t see pride or prejudice or the abuse of authority. I can’t see lust for power. I can’t see manipulation. I can’t see rage or anger or selfish ambition. I can’t see unforgiveness. I can’t see hate or envy. I can’t see stupid fighting or bitterness, or jealousy. I can’t see empire-building. I can’t see self-importance. I can’t see back-stabbing or vanity or arrogance.>

I see surrender, sacrifice, salvation, humility, righteousness, faithfulness, grace, forgiveness, love! Love…..love…..

And my question for myself is: where do I see these qualities in politics today? And how can that inform my choice on Thursday?

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