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New Year's Resolutions: How Are We Doing???

by Julia MacDonald

New Year's Resolutions: How Are We Doing???

23rd January today, and over 3 weeks since we passed that rubicon of the New Year with all it’s potential for ‘a new chapter’, ‘doing things differently’, ‘making changes’, ‘setting goals’.

So how are we doing, I wonder? What has happened since that point at which you made the decision to do things differently? Or maybe that day since VISION 2018 workshop?

Changes can take place in a single moment. I know that from experience. But sometimes we need to put in the hard yards of doing things differently before we reap the results.

I sometimes use the analogy of changing your course when sailing. You take a different point of interest to sail to (I confess to very limited actual experience in this area, but rely on things I’ve learned over the years from my sailing partner!), and adjust your sails accordingly. In the short term, the change of a few degrees in barely noticeable. But if we maintain course over a period of time, we will indeed end up in a completely different place from the original destination.

After an Autumn of variable health, I decided I needed to make some changes, and actually began doing so in December.

I put my 4 x 30 minutes non-negotiable meditation back in place. Did I notice any immediate difference? No, not really. And doing it was a chore when there was so much else to do before Christmas. But I really noticed it during Christmas - and am definitely noticing the benefits now.

Since New Year I’ve been doing 30 days yoga programme with Adriene - a great way of getting back in touch with my body. The first few days were tough - getting into the rhythm of getting up earlier to fit it into my morning routine. And there are still days I don’t really want to get on the mat. but now, 22 days in, I feel stronger, am more in touch with my body and myself and the benefits are beginning to kick in.

So take heart! Keep going! If you’ve made changes, put things in place, but haven’t yet seen the results, the fruition, by all means reflect and review. But also remember that sometimes the benefits are not immediate, they come from repeating day in day out.


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