Julia MacDonald
Teacher, Coach, Celebrant


I have been privileged to work with some delightful clients; here are some of the things they say:

Reiki via Skype client:

Thanks so much for last week. It was an amazing experience and I felt in such a trustful place with you.

Fi Feehan (November 2017)

Reclaim Health: It has been life-changing, I never knew I could feel this way, both physically and spiritually. Fantastic!

Alison Norman (September 11 2017)

You were the perfect person to support us and help us create and complete such an amazing personal meaningful ceremony. Thankyou so so much!…

Sarah and Frank (July 2017)

Julia and I have collaborated on a joint project since 2013, and I have also observed her working with clients in a group setting. She has a gentle, calm manner which clients find very reassuring, and an impressive range of different therapeutic skills. She is happy to share her own inspirational life story; this helps clients to relate to her and to believe that they, too, will be able to recover. She has a good understanding of the science and the evidence base behind the different aspects of her work, and an intuitive understanding of the best way to approach a problem.

I recommend Julia highly, and only wish that she lived closer to my practice!

Gina Johnson MB BS MSc MRCGP General Practitioner, Luton

Dr Gina Johnson (April 2017)

Thank you so much for all your help, wonderful address and everything you did for our wedding. Couldn’t of hoped for a better celebrant.

Bridegroom (Sept 2016)

Oh thank you so much, it was such an amazing day and we really couldn’t have done it without you! Everyone kept saying how lovely you were and how did we find you because you’re nothing like the usual registrars!

Amy and Joff: Wedding (August 2015)

As a fellow presenter at a conference, I attended Julia’s workshop and with great care and clarity she enabled me into a useful and deep insight. She is a coach and educator whom I warmly recommend.

William Bloom, author 'The Endorphin Effect', 'Feeling Safe' etc

A year ago I contacted Julia to discuss whether NLP could help with fibromyalgia. I had been diagnosed many years ago and had not coped well with the prescribed medication. From the first meeting I started to see the benefit and now, I can honestly say, that with Julia’s guidance and support, fibromyalgia is no longer the first thing I think about each morning and the last thing I think about each night. I no longer take medication which is a huge relief. Being pain free has increased my confidence which has enabled me to take up new career opportunities and to enjoy my growing family.

It’s been an amazing journey Julia and I can’t thank you enough.

Skype client

Soul Potential Collage Workshop

I arrived for the workshop feeling really hyped up as I’d been singing in the car on the way over. Seeing xxx again was great and when she got the giggles and I joined in, I thought we might be in for a riotous morning. However, once in the meditation, I got into a much more peaceful space and was relieved when, at the end, you said to move quietly into the collage.

Initially I thought that I would have loads of time as I made the selections fairly quickly, but the time flew and I only just finished as we all came back together. When I saw the other collages I thought mine was too simplistic as all the others seemed much more soft and subtle. Mine had strong, clean lines and bright colours and felt masculine. Initially, I thought I didn’t want to join in the feedback, because I was in a quieter space which felt more balanced than at the beginning, but when I heard the positive feedback about the other collages, I thought I’d like some too, so I took a risk and it paid off because I saw from the comments that mine was showing strength and decisiveness which I was in sore need of.

Having volunteered to organise a couple of things recently, I’d been doing a tizzy pineapple and keeping myself awake about it. After the workshop I felt much calmer and saw that all would fall into place and, if it didn’t, it wouldn’t matter too much anyway. I drove home in a happy space and was glad that I’d attended and got in touch with my soul’s potential.>

JK (June 2017)

You have a gift for meeting people where they are and helping them to move forward, for which I will always be grateful.

Mother of child I worked with.

Julia has a brilliant way of delivering her message with clarity and humour—you will be left wanting more.


Julia, you teach with a grace of understanding that is unique, powerful and very healing. A Gift from God. Thank you God, and thank you Julia.


Julia has a gift and a passion for NLP that she passes on with warmth, sincerity and long experience. I thoroughly enjoyed her workshop and would recommend Julia to anyone.


Watching Julia working is engrossing, seeing a ‘client’ move through stages is powerful, I found the demonstration very moving.


Really fun! Allowed my Inner Child to create and play with art. Really helpful to help sort my problem and sort a way forwards. Enjoyed having everyone else’s input. Thank you.

Problem-Busting Workshop participant (July 2016)

Julia teaches in a deep, gentle, safe and fun way. I feel so helped by it, and am sure many others would.


Julia is a lovely and smart lady who has the gift of transmitting what she needs to say in a very understandable way.


Just got through the busiest month of my freelance career…by using what you taught me. As ever, thanks.

H x

The Healing Journey: Wherever your journey in life has been or is heading—this workshop is for you.


The Healing Journey: A wonderful day—a mixture of spirituality and fantastic techniques to move forward and live an exciting life. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the next one!


The Healing Journey: Another of Julia’s informative and inspiring workshops.


The Healing Journey: If you want good company on your journey attend this course.


The Healing Journey: I thoroughly enjoyed today’s journey.


On 14 February 2014, whilst on holiday, I sustained an injury to my hand. This was treated by a ship’s doctor, then my GP & the senior practice nurse. They used various techniques, but one section would not heal.

I was puzzled by this, as I had been using my knowledge of NLP to facilitate the healing process.

Finally, I was referred to a skin grafting consultant, who discovered that on one side of the wound, the skin had curled underneath the wound & had healed there (not where we wanted it to heal!)…but healing had taken place! However, this meant that the complete wound would never have healed.

He had to perform a small operation to scrape away that skin, and needed to apply a local anaesthetic. As he had to inject the raw area, he warned me that it would be painful. He asked one of the nurses to hold my hand. On previous similar occasions, I had used NLP to control pain, but had always had time to do brain rehearsal. This procedure was going to be done immediately. I politely declined the hand holding, took some gentle breaths & transported myself to a favourite location. The only interruptions I had was the surgeon kindly asking if I was OK.

I can honestly say that I felt no discomfort whatsoever. Three cheers for NLP.

My thanks go to Julia, who has inspired, guided & encouraged me to use this powerful tool.


Turnaround: Fantastic! Noticed a dramatic change/shift in my health.


Turnaround: Thank you for helping me find myself and giving me the tools to empower my life.


Journey With Jools: I got a lot out of today, as I was driving home I was reflecting on how far I have come since Turnaround. I was reliant on a mobility scooter, shower and perching stools and the thought of walking the short distance to your door was a huge undertaking.

My life has indeed been turned around. This year I have undertaken courses, driven to Devon multiple times, been to London on a train, swam in the sea! driven to Cornwall, all solo. And lots of other stuff that I probably take for granted.

Many, many thanks. JK xx


I worked with Julia over the course of 10 or so Skype coaching sessions, focusing on managing my symptoms of Chronic Fatigue.

Julia is an excellent coach. She taught me new ways of looking at the issues I was bringing to the sessions, challenged my thinking and gave me many simple and creative techniques and approaches to practice and play with. Primarily, I learned to take much more self-responsibility for myself which has been incredibly powerful.

The things that Julia taught me have had a direct, powerful and positive impact on how I am and how I feel and has been an enormous part of my recovery. I directly attribute much of my physical and mental wellbeing over the last year to the work I did with Julia.

To my surprise, working with Skype was great. Whether we had video or not—and occasionally we didn’t—Julia is very skilled and experienced in working this way and I think working remotely actually helped me focus on what I was doing, thinking and feeling.


Turnaround: It was really helpful and it’s helped me change for the better.


Turnaround: Before this course, I felt like I was watching someone else’s life. After the course, I felt well, was able to make plans for the future and got my proper life back. Thank you.


Turnaround: Don’t hesitate. Do it now and live life as you!

Andrew E

Turnaround: It is a wonderful, caring experience.


Turnaround: It has been a very liberating experience. It has enabled me to start on the road of becoming the person I once was.


Thank you so much for a very rewarding session today. It was lovely meeting the others and finding that so many of us shared similar hangups. Your brilliant at this sort of work and I hope you will carry on for many years to come. Gratefully Yours and with love.


Julia is a kind, loving and effective teacher. I felt completely loved, held and accepted which made it easier to go with the learning experience and learn the techniques. She’s also upbeat and a lot of fun—makes the dealing with difficult things enjoyable.

Sabrina Dearborn

Turnaround: I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about changing their present circumstances for the better!


Thank you for helping me turn my life around and giving me the confidence to live my life to the full with no regrets.


Tools: A life changing experience. Julia is a compassionate and gifted presenter. I’ve had physical, mental and spiritual benefits from taking this course. Highly recommended.


Tools: These 3 days have been hugely transformative and encouraging. Getting what you want need not be difficult. Wonderfully done, Julia.


Tools: Empowering!


Tools: Julia is a very special NLP Master. I love her calm and effective teaching.


Tools: The experience was very empowering for me. Thank you.


Tools: How inspiring…a light has been shone into my dark places and I am adding to the transformation of consciousness by simply taking responsibility for my thoughts and language and making different choices.


Tools is a valuable extension to any NLP knowledge: fascinating and lots of fun!

FL, Penzance

Last week-end I realised it was 12 months ago, on my father’s 90th birthday, that I’d reached the point where it was the lowest it’s possible to be and to still come back. Any lower and I wouldn’t be here now. It’s been a slow process, with many ups and downs, but when I look at where I am now, I can see a huge difference.

Last year the song I identified so strongly with was Sand and Water particularly these lines

All alone I didn’t like this feeling

All alone I sat and cried

All alone I had to find some meaning

In the centre of this pain I felt inside.

I was driving back from Cornwall on Sunday and picked this CD at random. It was hearing this track that reminded me that it was exactly a year since Dad’s birthday and how resilient I must be, as I was cooking a celebration lunch for the family a few hours later, and nobody noticed anything different about me.

I’m not going to dwell on the story, as I don’t particularly want to go back there, and also as my wonderful LP practitioners, Julia and Philippa, will be up in arms if I grovel around in the pit. Instead I want to celebrate the distance I’ve travelled in the last 12 months, not only up and down the motorway, and acknowledge the help and support I’ve had along the way with LP and from Dudley Mind and SYC Birmingham (yoga centre).

From that date, last February, my confidence has increased to the point where I’m working for one and a half days a week at the Ashfield Gardens pottery, including some teaching. I’m enjoying Rock Choir hugely this term and am on the verge of asking if I can sing the solo for Something Inside so Strong at the next rehearsal. It’s my song for the year as we started it at choir practice, at the beginning of the term, and soon after my 60th birthday which I enjoyed hugely.



Our choir leader says we have to sing it with real feeling and I can certainly do that. As well as choir and the pottery, I’ve been elected to the board of Dudley Mind as a trustee, which helped my self esteem no end. I’m also enjoying playing badminton, aquafit and walking an elderly friend’s dog, Bertie.

One of the things that’s made a difference this year is starting Art Therapy with Annabel and the dreams are coming thick and fast, often unpleasant. I feel I’m working through issues at a different level, and with Philippa’s encouragement and Julia’s Tools for the Journey, plus the monthly group support sessions she’s setting up, I’m quite excited about the year ahead.

PS I’m also right at the start of a new relationship for the first time in 15 years.

Jill, Cornwall

Tools for the Journey is a great course delivered expertly by Julia with her unique blend of insight, fun and compassion. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for help on their journey.


Hi Julia, this is Sarah. You treated me for my ME nearly two years ago. Since then I have not looked back. I have not suffered with any symptoms since. I am now a pre-school photographer which I love, I socialise loads more than I ever have and life all together is just great. I can never thank you enough for all you have done for me. People always say how different I am. Take care, Sarah.


I started hypnotherapy sessions with Julia after suffering from sleep problems for about 2 years. Most nights just before waking I would hold my breath in my sleep and let out a groaning sound. I wasn’t aware of it at first but was woken on many occasions by my girlfriend who advised me that I had been making a groaning sound. This was due to involuntarily holding my breath on inhalation and not exhaling. After the doctor referred me to a sleep specialist they couldn’t work out what was wrong with me. After searching the internet for an answer I discovered I had a rare sleep condition called catathrenia. I had 4 sessions with Julia and was surprised how easy it was to discuss the problem with a stranger. Julia made me feel totally at ease and worked through past things in my life that could have brought this condition on. After about the 3rd session I noticed a great improvement in my sleep pattern and am no longer suffering from the breath holding.

I would recommend Julia to anyone who needs to make changes in their life.

Lee, Newquay

I can’t imagine a better teacher and coach than Julia. Her instructions and presentation were fantastically clear and easy to follow. Because of her calm and compassionate assistance and explanation…some of the improvements and changes I experienced at the training were quite staggering. Thank you!

Duncan, Scottish Borders

I began noticing my energy levels as quite low and that I was struggling generally with headaches in my late teens.

I now have a much fuller life. I socialise a lot more, am setting up my own work in healing and voice exploration work. I am exercising, have planted a garden, drive up the country to workshops. I am so much more confident and strong. I am able to deal with ‘overwhelm’ to a point that it rarely feels like I’m ‘doing’ it anymore. I am able to distinguish when I want to rest and when it is an escape tactic…usually.

Turnaround client

I had CFS for five months, which was long enough for me, I tried other treatments and they helped a little, temporarily…A week after completing the course I find myself wondering how to write my story, all I can come up with is I feel Great!

Julia is an excellent coach and a wonderful example of what can be achieved. I can’t thank her enough. Thank you.


Julia is a wonderful facilitator, firm, fair, kind but not soppy. Her follow up is really encouraging and will help keep you on track.


Dear Julia, thank you so much for enabling me to make positive choices in my life, leading me forward to a life I love.


Hi Julia

I’m really doing very well…and last week I joined an aerobic class for the over 50’s with my friend and really loved it. Now going to go every Wednesday.

I’m also doing Yogalates 3 times a week at home to tone up, had friends around for a meal last Saturday and another lot coming for Sunday lunch this weekend.

Chris and I have booked a New Year holiday in Barcelona and both really looking forward to that. I’m also planning to go on my own on a tour of China in April which includes Guilin, (you may have seen the advert with the old fisherman on TV). This is the place that I pictured when doing the process for the future. I just couldn’t wait 3 years!

Thanks once again for being a brilliant trainer. I really am living a life I love.

Very best wishes


I have just returned from a 3 week tour of China which I undertook without my husband. Chris was totally supportive in this and realised that I needed to regain my independence, something he always admired in me when we first met and which seem to diminish during my illness.

I had a fantastic time and really rose to the challenge of travelling as a single person. I was the only single person on the tour with 11 couples and really had to employ my social skills to ensure that I didn’t become a burden to anyone but still managed to spend time getting to know everyone else. I was quite happy touring around the various tourist sites on my own and also enjoyed the group meals and activities as well.

I returned home feeling totally confident as it was the first trip on my own for 25 years and am already considering doing another solo trip again next year. I am still attending weekly aerobics class, doing Pilates and walking as much as possible so am feeling a lot fitter…I have also lost some of the weight gained during the period when I was suffering from ME and intend to lose the rest over the summer.

I’m looking forward to the summer and intend to do some work on the garden, continue exploring the quieter areas of Cornwall and also spend a lot of time catching up with friends.

Chris and I are off to Devon for our 23rd anniversary this weekend so will definitely be doing some walking while we are there as well as calling into his favourite tea room for coffee and cakes!

Sylvia (an update after her trip to China)